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Dean Wean

"Be Good Or Be Good At It"


"If it aint PURPLE, It aint WILLIE"

 Purple Pimpin Willie

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Behind The Scene With Dean Wean @ BET Awards

Pick Yourself Up - Dean Wean Speakin

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About Me:

Out the heart of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to the streets of Los Angeles, it’s Yours truly, Mr. DeanWeanSpeakin® himself! Growing up I have always had a passion for making people laugh, and seeing a smile on everyones face around me. It became natural for me to make sure I made everyone I came in contact with to be in a positive mood or I wouldn’t be content with myself. Soo natural that it became my priority to make the world smile through my stories, jokes, and Real Life Shit we all go through! The best jokes are formed from the truth and struggle, & I love my Struggle, it formed me to be the man I am today. As you continue this journey with me, you will have the luxury to hear the crazy life of a boy out the East Side Oklahoma through my Comedy, Acting, Hosting, and my Speaking engagements!

Although I am the “Funny Guy”, I am an influencer through Motivational Speaking. I have traveled across the country, instilling positivity to groups of all ages, from different demographics, and backgrounds. We are all going through something, but continue to push, and remember “SOMEONE IS COUNTING ON YOU” !

You’re not going to believe the lifestyle I once lived, and obstacles I over came! I always get questions on my lifestyle, and now you get to witness this journey with me through all Social Media Platforms, and the Life of Dean Wean Vlogs. Be cautious when Watching, you must be prepared to laugh, travel the world through my lens, turn up, and get into Business mode when it’s time to discuss Success. All provided through the comfort of your home once you follow @DeanWeanSpeakin .

I am looking forward to interacting with all of you, so don’t hesitate to comment, share, subscribe, and Push the Notifications button so you’re first to have the “playa cards” handed to you, & to all my first class passengers Buckle Down, Sit Back, and Enjoy your flight into DeanWeans Life, as we fly at a cruising altitude of THUTTYYY- THOUSAND FEET!

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